AUDIENCE:  Teens, Young Adults, Parents  

Paul understands too well from his own experience, what it’s like to feel bored out of your mind at Mass and to put aside a relationship with Jesus Christ because it seems irrelevant, politically incorrect, or just plain prudish.  Connecting with youth and young adults using insightful examples, comedy, powerful messages from Scripture, and heart-moving music, Paul challenges his audiences to see that everyone has a hunger for God in their lives, whether they realize it or not.  The world often tries to present a solution to that hunger with money, sex, drugs, popularity, and power; but none of those things can satisfy a person’s heart.

In this presentation, Paul witnesses to the fact that Jesus is alive in His Church and He invites all young people to come to know and experience His merciful and life-changing love via prayer, Scripture, the Sacraments, and in the mysterious ways that God speaks to each of us.  Christ said: “I came that they would have life, and have it abundantly” John 10:10.  God didn’t create us to be dull, boring, prudish, and miserable… He came to show us that we’re MEANT TO LIVE FOR MORE!

       * TOPICS Covered in “MEANT TO LIVE FOR MORE” include: 

    • Making Christ-Centered Choices
    • The Power of Prayer
    • Striving to be Your Best
    • Peer Pressure
    • The Grace of the Sacraments
    • Benefits of a Positive Attitude
    • Not Being Defined By The Setbacks In Your Life
    • Taking Ownership Over One’s Faith

AUDIENCE Reaction:  
“Your talk changed my life tonight.  I honestly didn’t come tonight expecting anything, but now everything is different.  I know that God is real and He loves me.”
  John  |  High School Student  |  Newbury Park, CA ________________________________________________________________________________________



AUDIENCE: Teens, Young Adults, Parents

Our culture has bought into so many lies when it comes to the topic of sex. On the internet, the movie screens, the songs from the iPod, and even the commercials we watch… We have been taught what lust is, but not what every human heart truly longs for: LOVE.

In this talk, Paul calls out the lies and counterfeits (unique to both men and women), and affirms the God-given plan and desire (via Scripture and Church Teaching) that everyone has for authentic love and relationships. Real, funny, challenging, and refreshing; this talk has left countless teens and young adults inspired to no longer settle for counterfeits and imitations, and commit to chastity as a sure means of finding happiness, and a love worth the wait!

* TOPICS Covered in “LUST VS. LOVE” include:

    • The Benefits of Chastity
    • The Negative Effects of Promiscuity
    • The Theology of the Body
    • Peer Pressure
    • Internet Pornography
    • Ways to Develop Chaste Relationships
    • Warning Flags About Significant Others
    • Not Being Defined by Past Faults

AUDIENCE Reaction:
“I walked away from your talk thinking, ‘That was one of the best chastity talks I’ve ever heard’ (and I’ve been to a ton of these youth events). The way it flowed, the items you covered, and how you covered them. Thorough and simultaneously hilarious. Convicting and merciful. HONEST and no holds-barred! So good. I have always liked the talks you’ve given, but this one is just so comprehensive and wonderful in so many ways.” 
Peggy Tacchino | Youth Minister | San Diego, CA



AUDIENCE:  Teens, Young Adults, Parents

With teen suicides on the rise, and acts of violence rampant on school campuses across the nation, it is almost certain that bullying or neglect is part of the equation in each of these sad stories.  It is ironic that a kind word or gesture could have changed the outcome for so many victims, as well as perpetrators.  It is more crucial than ever that teens are enlightened about this serious issue, and are empowered to stand up against it in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

In this eye-opening presentation, Paul shows his audiences that each and every person has the ability to impact lives positively or negatively.  He equips those who have or are experiencing bullying, proven and tested techniques that help will them to respond to bullying without assuming the role of victim.  He also raises consciousness to real-life actions and attitudes (in person or online) that challenge people who are guilty of bullying others.  In the end, LOVE WINS, and is the clear antidote for hate, bigotry, racism, ignorance, or bullying.


    • Bullying Awareness
    • Practical and Effective Ways to Respond to the Problem of Bullying
    • The Power Within Everyone to Impact Others
    • Life Lessons in Becoming Other-Centered and Less Self-Centered
    • Peer Pressure
    • Embracing Cultural and Personal Diversity
    • Love and Forgiveness
    • The Golden Rule

AUDIENCE Reaction:
“My youth were truly inspired, and I was too. That was the best youth workshop I have seen of the hundreds I have attended over the years. Your message is one that many teens can relate to, and one that absolutely needs to be heard.” 
Aaron Del Monte  |  Youth Minister  |  Elk Grove, CA



(Candidate & Sponsor Event)

AUDIENCE:  Teens, Adults, Parents

Some people mistake Confirmation as a right of passage that enables them to “graduate” from Church so that they never have to come back again… It’s time to wake up class! Confirmation is all about the power of the Holy Spirit alive and at work in you, as it was in the first apostles who spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

This powerful talk for Confirmation candidates & sponsors, addresses the desire God has for each of us to be the modern day apostles of the Church.  The world desperately needs witnesses in every place, profession, and walk of life, to show the love of Jesus Christ in action.  Using stories from Scripture, the lives of the Saints, pop culture, and his own humorous yet inspiring journey of faith; Paul offers a dynamic presentation that will leave both students and parents inspired at the work of the Holy Spirit who is able to turn sinners into saints!

* TOPICS Covered in “CONFIRMATION…” include:

    • Catechesis on Confirmation & the Holy Spirit
    • Taking ownership over one’s Catholic Faith
    • Peer Pressure
    • Making Christ-centered Choices
    • The grace of the Sacraments
    • Being Counter-Cultural without being Socially Awkward
    • How to Share your Faith in Everyday Situations
    • Opportunities for Candidates & Sponsors to grow together in Faith and Friendship

AUDIENCE Reaction:
“You moved half of my kids in confirmation to tears… it was amazing! You’ve proven to my teens that you can still have swag and praise the big man upstairs… that loving God is not just for “Jesus freaks”, but for everyone.” 
Franceska Rolda  |  Youth Minister  |  Los Angeles, CA _______________________________________________________________________________________




There is no such thing as a “perfect family”. As rewarding as family life can be, each one has its share of struggles and problems. Negative patterns of behavior, both in individuals and in families are bound to repeat themselves and pass on from generation to generation, if they are never dealt with in healthy ways. Though there are an abundance of parenting methods and tips available for people to learn, ultimately a person cannot give what they do not have. The more a parent is able to work towards resolving the issues in their own lives, the more they will be able to give of themselves to their children who learn from, and depend on their example.

In his insightful talk, Paul J. Kim, MA, (Marriage and Family Therapist & National Speaker) shares the message of hope and renewal that is possible, with God’s grace, when people make the decision to face the unresolved problems in their lives; changing knee-jerk reactions into well thought out and integrated responses. Utilizing examples and stories from Scripture, pop-culture, and his own counseling experience with families and couples in real-life situations, Paul offers a presentation that has left countless people inspired and one that you won’t want your audience to miss.

AUDIENCE Reaction:
“Paul’s presentation was spot on. He is engaging, informed and thought provoking. He draws from a wealth of experience as a former youth minister and a wealth of knowledge as a therapist. And the icing on the cake is that he is an excellent musician!”

Bill McMillan  |  Parenting Series Coordinator  |  St. Angela Church  |  Brea, CA



*Talks can be created specifically for your event!






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“We are impressed by Paul’s ability to entertain, connect, and challenge teens all at the same time.  He brings youth closer to Christ.”

-Diocese of Sacramento