“Paul J. Kim brings a unique style of presentation to young people through his gifts of beatboxing, music, and passion for Christ. He speaks a message of truth that hits home for young people and adults alike, which greatly impacted participants at our annual Diocesan Youth Retreat. Paul moves to the next level of presentation by intentionally building relationships with youth, which drives home a greater sense of connection and intimacy in his message. Paul is not just a “speaker,” but someone youth feel comfortable sharing with in confidence. His blend of gifts and talents, with his approachable and relatable qualities makes Paul an ideal person to minister to your youth and leaders.”

John Rinaldo  |  Diocese of San Jose Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry  |  San Jose, CA

Fr. Jason Hage

“Paul J. Kim was able to relate to multiple generations in a compelling and convincing way.  From the time he spent with our seniors, to the hour he spent with our teens, and then the session he offered for all of our families, everyone on every level felt that he was speaking to them.  Our parishioners walked away with so much to take home with them about how to deepen their relationship with God, their prayer life, their personal life, and most especially their family life.  Paul’s parish missions aims at renewing the whole family from the youngest to the oldest, calling all members of the family to deeper conversion as well as transformation and renewal.”

Fr. Jason Hage  |  Holy Family Parish  |  Diocese of Syracuse, NY 

“I am blessed to have Paul J. Kim in my backyard (Diocese).  His style, energy and enthusiasm make him a “man fully alive.”  In every opportunity I have seen Paul present – he brings to life for those listening a real, relevant and relational Jesus Christ.  May God continue to bless him, his ministry and his vocation… I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend.”

Armando Cervantes  |  Diocese of Orange Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry  |  Orange, CA

“THANK YOU for coming out to speak to our youth. They absolutely loved it and they loved you! I got nothing but very positive feedback. I spoke to some of the youth after and some even got very emotional (which is a first from a guest speaker!) I also got some parents telling me that their kids told them it was the best faith night we’ve had and you made it fun and enjoyable. That loop thing is very impressive! What impressed me the most was how you got them to do some praise and worship without them ever really being exposed to it! I’m really excited to continue to expose them to that and to give them more opportunities to encounter the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with us and for inspiring our youth in your unique and amazing ways! We look forward to having the opportunity to have you back again! “

Jazmin Lugo  |  Coordinator of Youth Ministry & Confirmation  |  Granada Hills, CA

“When planning our annual Youth Day here in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, a name that kept popping up as a suggested speaker and entertainer – from Youth Ministry Coordinators, young people, and members of our planning team was Paul Kim. After inviting him to be part of Youth Day 2012 we were not disappointed. His evaluations came back extremely positive and it was clear he connected with our inter-generational audience in an inspiring and evangelizing way. We will definitely be inviting Paul back to our Archdiocese on a regular basis!”

Mike Norman  |  Archdiocese of LA Associate Director of Religious Education  |  Los Angeles, CA

“We’ve had Paul in the Diocese of Sacramento for several events. Paul keeps it real, and teens and young adults respond very well to him. We are impressed with Paul’s ability to entertain, connect, and challenge teens all at the same time. Paul is a great example of a young Catholic using his many gifts to bring youth closer to Christ.”

Kevin Staszkow | Diocese of Sacramento Director of Evangelization & Catechesis | Sacramento, CA

“We invited Paul Kim to present at our school assembly for Catholic Schools Week. He came highly recommended but we did not know exactly what to expect. We knew Paul was a talented musician but we soon discovered he is more than that. His spiritual message and ministry with our high school students was meaningful, effective, and relevant to the teens. Sometimes speakers have a difficult time engaging and connecting with teens making the message difficult to sink in and leaving the teens empty. But not Paul Kim. The students responded to him, were fully engaged and interested, and participated fully. His presentation was one of the best I have experienced as a high-school principal. Paul masterfully weaves his musical talents with his strong message of faith and it works. We look forward to him returning and highly recommend him to others.”

Mike Schabert  |  Principal of St. Anthony High School  |  Long Beach, CA

“His musical gifts and talents speak for themselves and are put to good use in penetrating the heart of contemporary culture with the message of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus and His Church.  I have known Paul for a number of years now, and his education from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, along with his time spent with us in the community discerning his vocation, are just some of the contributing factors to this young man’s solid faith, vibrant spirituality, and ongoing human formation.  I recommend Paul with no hesitation and with confidence that his person and his gifts will be beneficial to you in whatever capacity you may invite him to serve.”

Fr. Stan Fortuna  |  Franciscan Friars of the Renewal  |  Bronx, NY

“As a youth minister at a large parish with quality speakers and music on a regular basis, we have grown very picky about bringing in outside speakers and musicians. I originally saw Paul J. Kim’s YouTube videos and was intrigued. I was also familiar with several other friends who had seen Paul perform. I heard enough to take the leap and bring in Paul for an event, a large retreat for about 250 youth.  Paul exceeded my expectations! He was even better in person that what I had seen in videos. Paul was very engaging with the youth with his musical style, but also in the way that he incorporated youth into his show. Paul has very unique musical gifts that are very effective with youth. But even more he is a solid Catholic Christian who is able to minister to the youth by his work and example. I can’t recommend Paul enough!”

Kurt Klement  |  Director of High School Youth Ministry  |  Coppell, TX

“Paul, you are so loving! Everyone was so open to you and your gifts and they loved your message so much!  I especially loved how you introduced them to praise and worship. I can’t thank you better than this parent did. I got this e-mail from her about 11pm last night.”

I just want to thank you for the amazing experience my daughter had tonight. She had a great and spiritual time like never before.  God bless you and your guest Paul J Kim.

Lori Altamura  |  Director of Youth Ministry  |  Redondo Beach, CA

“Paul is a very humble, honest, and talented young man who has a gift of sharing the gospel message with young people.  He shares this evangelizing message through his talks, stories, and his unique music!  Each visit we have had very positive feedback from all the teens.  The topics that he addresses are all very relevant to young people of this generation.  I would feel extremely confident in recommending him for any event!”

Dean Diomedes  |  Youth Minister  |  Los Angeles, CA

“Paul was a big hit with our junior high students!  They loved watching him beatbox (vocal drumming) and listen to him use his God-given voice to create music.  It was truly amazing to see how excited they were about the workshop. They especially enjoyed the interactive aspect which included coming up to the microphone, recording their own vocal soundtrack, and writing lyrics to their own original song.  They’ve asked to have him come back again!  As a teacher, I particularly loved to see how engaged the students were throughout the entire workshop and how Paul was able to tie in the message of how each person has a unique gift and talent that makes their life valuable and unrepeatable.”

Regina Lee  |  Junior High Dean of Campbell Hall  |  Los Angeles, CA

“Most of our youth are unaware that there are Catholics like Paul with these amazing talents. Talents that excite, inspire and interest our youth to live out their faith more fully. Mass of course is the most important but we always need a little dessert to go with the meal to help us to feel more complete. I would like to especially thank Paul for discerning his vocation. I know that he was in pre-seminary with our Associate Pastor, Fr. Kyle Stanton, when he decided to pursue a different path. We need amazing priest like Fr. Kyle but we also need amazing real men like Paul, to nourish and feed our youth. Thank you. Our youth, will not forget him. He was truly inspiring to watch, listen to, and interact with.”

Bridget Goudreau  |  Youth Minister  |  Berlin-Gorham, NH

“There are very few characters like Paul J. Kim and we are blessed to know such a person. Paul is a performer, entertainer, musician, worship leader, minister, dynamic speaker, team player and artist. He reaches out to audiences of all ages during his time on stage and they feel the sincerity of his love for them.  Paul doesn’t just do what you ask of him, he goes the extra mile with a smile. During our retreat one of our speakers had gotten stuck in traffic and we had about 45 minutes till she arrived. Paul took the initiative to entertain the teens and give them a heart to heart until the speaker arrived.  He allows himself to become an instrument of the Holy Spirit.”

Melissa Augspurger  |  Youth Minister  |  San Gabriel, CA

“You moved half of my kids in confirmation to tears! I always wanted to see you speak and finally did… It was AMAZING. Thank you for what you do and for being who you are! You’re an inspiration to hundreds of teens out there. You’ve proven to my confirmation kids that you can still have swag while praising the big man upstairs. That loving God isn’t just for hardcore “Jesus freaks”, but for everyone. St. Mary’s is definitely inviting you to speak to our parish! To KNOW God, to LOVE God, and to SERVE God. Thank you!!

Franceska Rolda  |  Youth Minister  |  Los Angeles, CA

I have heard many, many motivational/inspirational speakers in my life, but you are one of the best I have heard thus far. I heard you speak during Youth Day, and it was awesome. I want to thank you for giving the Confirmation students of my church the talk that they really needed to hear right. Your approach to the Catholic Church is truly inspiring, especially for those like me who want to show the youth of the Church how it really isn’t boring. Your music is phenomenal and your message is a blessing to hear. I pray that God continues to bless you!!

Christine Flores  |  Youth Minister  |  Los Angeles, CA


Student Testimonials

“I feel like it was in God’s plan for me to hear you speak and make music out of your face. It truly was an incredible experience for me and I feel that, because of you, my relationship with God has been strengthened. I feel really challenged to put my faith into action and let God into my heart after being inspired by you. Your stories hit very close to where I feel I am at in my life right now and I could relate to everyone of your analogies. Thank you again, and keep doing what you are doing.”

Henry W. | High School Student | Redondo Beach, CA

“Your whole talk really touched me. When you were giving your speech about God’s love for us and how it was never too late to make a change, my eyes started watering. And I loved it. I told my Mom about you on the way home, and I started crying. So thank you.”

Helena  |  High School Student  |  Los Angeles, CA

“Your music is amazing and you’re so talented I’m surprised you’re not out there like the celebrities on the radio.  It’s so awesome that you’re using your gifts for God.  Thank you!”

Brianna  |  College Student  |  Hartford, CT

“Your talk changed my life tonight.  I honestly didn’t come tonight expecting anything, but now everything is different.  I know that God is real and He loves me.”

John  |  High School Student  |  Newbury Park, CA

“Paul Kim was amazing.  His keynotes always hit home for me and everyone else, but they were also funny and engaging.  I felt like he knew exactly what I was feeling and questioning about my faith.

Robert  |  High School Student  |  Lake Tahoe, CA

“My name is Vincent and I was at Youth Day (LA Congress). Hearing you speak was amazing… and an eye-opener. I related to everything that you said and your whole topic helped me a lot with my faith. After the event I felt a whole lot closer to God; as if my faith was renewed. So I just thought I would share this with you and tell you Thank You. It was an honor being there and being able to hear you. Once again, thank you.”

Vincent  |  High School Student  |  Los Angeles, CA

“He really got his message through to me and he helped me to see that I am beautiful and am loved by God.”

Michelle  |  High School Student  |  San Jose, CA

“I went to L.A. Youth Day and saw his session about “Prayer is not boring. You are.” I didn’t know who he was or what he was going to be like, but when he started singing I instantly enjoyed his talk. Most of the time religious talks are stuffy and boring but I felt like he actually related to us and remembered what we go through. Loved the talk and his music is the first “religious” music on my iPod. Thanks for the new outlook on prayer and God.”

Emma  |  High School Student  |  Los Angeles, CA


Youth Day | LA Congress
Spirit in the City Festival | London UK
Steubenville Summer Youth Conferences
On Fire Youth Conference | Six Flags Vallejo
Catholic Underground London | United Kingdom
Catholic Underground LA / CT / PA / UK
Diocese of San Jose Youth Retreat
Diocese of Sacramento YA Conference
Diocese of Las Cruces NM Youth Day
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Shepherd’s Cafe TX
Youth 2000 NY
Houston City Festival
Goretti Group San Jose / San Diego
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