Paul takes his sophomore album “The World Sings”, to another level.  Teaming up with Producer, Anthony “DNA” Lee, this new album presents track after track of lyrical ingenuity backed by dynamic instrumentals.  His songwriting is filled with lines that are inspiring, poignant, humorous, deep, and altogether entertaining.  With sounds ranging from Pop, to Hip Hop, to Rock, to Acoustic, and even Dubstep, Paul is bound to surprise his listeners with a little bit of everything, in a big way. Do your play list a favor and download this Album NOW!

Run Fly Fall cover Paul’s first album, entitled “Run Fly Fall”, is a work of art. Everything that you hear from the moment you play the first track, is made by his voice… Period. The vocals, melodies, harmonies, and sound effects; with the exception of a guitar in the song ‘Man Fully Alive’, is produced acapella. He takes his songs to another level by creatively fusing together the genres of acoustic, hip-hop, and alternative music. Paul’s tracks don’t depend on the beat alone, since his ability to song-write deeply meaningful lyrics stand out in each song.  Audiences internationally, have been entertained and inspired by his hit single ‘Run Fly Fall’.

“I run / I fly / I fall, and my heart hits the wall
But I know, faith / love / and hope, will never die” 

- Chorus from Run Fly Fall




Run Fly Fall  (Lyrics)


iLL With Love  (Lyrics)