“I have heard many, many motivational speakers in my life, but you are one of the best I have heard thus far. Your approach to the Catholic Church is truly inspiring, your music is phenomenal, and your message is a blessing to hear.”

 Christine Flores  |  Youth Minister  |  Los Angeles, CA



I was the class clown growing up in elementary school.  I knew that for whatever reason, I could open my mouth and make people laugh… so I would.  Reminiscing on the good ‘ol days, I realize that God would use ‘the stage’ of those classroom settings, to help me impact people’s lives in the future.

Fast forward nearly 2 decades and here I am on stage again… Only this time, I have the opportunity to use humor, music, and words to bring people closer to God.  Today I work full time as a youth speaker and musician who gets to live his dream traveling around the world; doing something I love and believe in.  Sharing my original music (beatbox and acoustic), education (in Philosophy, Theology, and Marriage & Family Therapy), and Catholic Faith, I give it my all to help motivate young people to make the most of their lives… and make good decisions so that they can see it happen.  There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you helped someone gain a new hope and perspective for their life & future.

Pope John Paul II once said that “Unless the Church engages the culture, then the Gospel remains silent”.  This quote inspires me because I feel as though there is no better time than now for the people of God to reach out to a generation that doesn’t hear the voice of Jesus Christ amidst the deafening noise and distractions of our times.  When I present to youth, I make a point to speak “their language” without watering down the Faith.  The youth want to be challenged to live something more real and authentic than what they’re being offered in the media… they simply need an opportunity to see and hear the splendor of God and 2000 years of life-giving Tradition, in a way in which they can understand. 

I’m really excited about this new year, considering that I’ve already booked some amazing events well into 2018!  God is good!  I hope to see you, at an event near you.

~Paul J. Kim 

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