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I’m happy to announce that Lighthouse Catholic Media picked up one of my talks and produced it into a CD! I didn’t think that I’d be one of those speakers with a CD in the back of Churches throughout America, but alas, the time has come. I’m grateful that now, desperate parents and grandparents who want their wayward children back in Church, can now use my CD to help the Holy Spirit in the process… At least that’s the hope!  


The recorded talk was a presentation I gave to youth at the 2013 NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference), in Indianapolis. It was a such a blessing to be there, witnessing the joy and energy of 23,000 youth from around the country. I was grateful to be able to share a little bit about my initial encounter with Christ, in a humorous, down-to-earth, and very real way. Teens are experts at sniffing out insincerity, so I’ve made it a part of my ministry and interactions, to just get real from the get-go. It is great to think that even when I’m going about my ordinary day, there might be a number of people listening to my talk, and hopefully encountering Christ in a way they never had before. 


If you’d like to purchase the CD or the downloadable version, CLICK HERE. You can also click that link to listen to a free 10 minute preview. A special thank you to Jason Evert for contacting Lighthouse on my behalf, and suggesting they check out my talk. All glory to God, who loved us first.